Thunder Thursday

Thursday opened with thunder and rain. Skies cleared but more rain is coming overnight. Commercial activity on the river picked up a bit after the recent lull. Ben Franklin Reinauer remained anchored off 72nd Street for a second day.

CMT’s Daisy Mae brought a hopper south through the morning rain
Her colleagues on Charles Burton came through with a heavy load of sand heading north in the afternoon
DonJon’s Emily Ann wrangled a scow loaded with paper for recycling from Pier 99 in the morning…
…and returned in the afternoon with an empty

Carnival Cruise Lines Magic arrived at Pier 88, the first visit of a Carnival ship so far this year. The ship sails later today for Bermuda.

Carnival Magic tied up at Pier 88
And leaving at the tail end of the ebb tide with an assist from John D. Moran
Amstelborg leaving light after discharging a wood pulp cargo from Finland in Albany
The Stephen B came through with a barge from Albany and headed for the Arthur Kill
Nicole Reinauer pushed towards Albany
A keelboat tacked upwind past the anchored Ben Franklin Reinauer
DEP’s Red Hook passed the Ben earlier in the day
A group of Blackhawk helicopters out of Lakeland AFB circled the Statue of Liberty, came up the river, crossed Manhattan at 96th Street and returned home via the Hudson.

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