Friday visitors

Friday brought hot and humid conditions and the arrival of four of the U.S. Naval Academy’s Yard Patrol training ships. Two of these ships were in town a few weeks ago for Fleet Week, and this latest visit comes after a trip to Boston, likely for summer training. The boats are tied up at Pier 86, across from the Intrepid.

A Naval Academy training vessel arriving on the Hudson

Ben Franklin Reinauer, which has been anchored off 72nd Street for the past two days, pulled up its hook and headed for the Arthur Kill.

The B. Franklin following a Naval Academy boat down river
The bulker Zelada Desgagnes passed through en route to Albany
Vane Brothers’ Charleston came down from Albany with a light barge signaling Richmond
Sarah D pushed a float of empty hoppers back up to the Clinton Point quarry in the morning
More empty hoppers headed north in the evening
For the third day in a row, a swimmer was in the river, moving south with the ebb tide

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