Sand goes up, rocks come down

Winds whipped out of the northwest all day Sunday, with gusts above 20 knots keeping sailors and most other recreational activity off the river. Commercial activity was not deterred by the wind though, with a flood of northbound traffic coming through once the morning ebb tide ended. Coeymans Marine Towing’s Helen, the former Vane Brothers Charles Burton, came south pushing a load of rocks from Coeymans, less than 18 hours after she passed in the other direction pushing a load of sand north.

Helen came through pusing a load of stone down from Coeymans
Her colleagues on Daisy Mae moved north towards Coeymans with hoppers full of sand
Nathan G pushed empty hoppers north
As did DonJon Marine’s Thomas D Witte
James William continues to make runs from Clinton Point quarry with Buchanan12 still out of service
Evelyn Cutler pushed a loaded barge north
Over on the East River, Reinauer’s Matthew Tibet’s provided an escort for an ATB about the enter Hell Gate in heavy wind conditions
These powerboats were also heading through Hell Gate, and continued around the Battery up the North River
Sound Marine’s Kenny G towed an unpowered party boat up to the North River Shipyard in Nyack, NY
The Baylander, a former Navy utility craft which saw service in Vietnam and later as a helicopter landing training boat in Pensacola, was open for lunch as usual at the Harlem 125th Street Pier despite the wind
Conditions were quite different on Friday evening, with conditions pleasant enough for a water skier to galavant off Riverside Park

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