Fathers Day Fun

Stiff winds continued to blow out of the northwest but slowed enough for recreational boaters to enjoy Fathers Day on the water. Some dads remained hard at work though, as commercial activity remained steady.

Ben Franklin Reinauer was back at anchor off 72nd Street, less than 24 hours after leaving that spot to visit the Reinauer dock in Staten Island
James William was making his usual quarry run, bringing down loaded barges that look to have been left up in Haverstraw Bay and making deliveries to City Asphalt, on the Arthur Kill side of Staten Island. Personal watercraft overtook.
Bring Courtney was heading in the other direction, bringing sand or fill north and passing the anchored Ben Franklin
The bulker Arcola came through, arriving from Turkey and bound for Coeymans Photo credit: M. Katzive
New Jersey State Police were on patrol, passing a pleasure boat. NY State Police generally leave the North River to the NYPD, but troopers patrol from the Jersey side

The Zelada Desgagnes made a quick turnaround in Albany, heading down river and signaling Thunder Bay, Canada less than 48 hours after she headed up. There was no discernible change in draft so we cannot guess whether they were loading or unloading in Albany.

A J80 sailboat tacked upriver
The cormorant council was in session as usual

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