Magic Monday

Beautiful conditions prevailed to start the week, with winds settling down though still blowing steadily out of the northwest. The Carnival Magic cruise ship arrived early and then headed out by 4pm for a cruise to the Bahamas. Ben Franklin remained anchored off 72nd Street for the second day in a row. Coeymans Marine Towing tugs were busy moving bulk products and Domino sugar in Yonkers received a delivery.

Ben Franklin Reinauer and its barge at anchor off Pier i
CMT’s Daisy Mae brought a hopper of what looks like asphalt shavings south to the Upper Bay
Later Daisy Mae came back heading home with sand and construction equipment
Daisy Mae’s colleagues on the Mackenzie Rose came up from the Jersey Shore heading for Coeymans with sand or gravel and passed the Ben Franklin
Carolina Coast headed north to Yonkers with a sugar barge as a chopper landed at the 34th Street Heliport
Carnival Magic took a fuel delivery at Pier 88
And later left with help from John D. Moran as an NYPD launch kept an eye on jet skiers and pleasure boats
A car fire blocked 495 coming out of the Lincoln Tunnel and sent up a plume of smoke
Brinn Courtney brought a hopper south from Tompkins Cove, passing Lackawanna Terminal
An FDNY boat on patrol
Army Corps of Engineers on patrol
Port Authority Police on patrol
The Naval Academy’s training boats remained tied up at Pier 86

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