Moving rocks

The first day of astronomical summer brought pleasant temperatures in the 70s and light winds, but a line of rain storms was heading in by the end of the day. Commercial traffic remained light and dominated by bulk cargos while sailors reported dolphins sighted in the river. The Benjamin Franklin Reinauer left its anchorage off 72nd Street around midnight and headed down to the Upper Bay to drop anchor there.

Brinn Courtney has been making runs down from Tompkins Cove north of Haverstraw down to the Inwood Materials dock off Jamaica Bay near JFK. The Tompkins Cove quarry has been closed for years but perhaps this area is being used to transfer hoppers of material quarried elsewhere. UPDATE: It turns out Haugland Corporation, which owns Inwood Materials Terminal, has also purchased a riverfront property in Tompkins Cove and appear to be using this to transfer cargo to Inwood. Meanwhile, Buchanan12 was back on the Clinton Point quarry run after some time out of service.

Brinn Courtney heading for Jamaica Bay with a load of gravel
Buchanan12 was back on the Clinton Point run, moving empties north past the Battery
Photo Credit: L. Katzive
The venerable Dace Reinauer, built in 1968, brought an empty barge down from Albany.
A stand-up paddle boarder we have seen before was fighting the ebb tide passing Pier i on her trip up from Pier 84

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