Air traffic

Rain held off for most of the day Thursday, with relatively cool temperatures prevailing. River traffic was typical, with a few large sailing vessels noted, while military traffic over the river was noted.

The Hayward looking for navigational hazards
The Evelyn Cutler pushed a loaded fuel barge upriver, passing the Hayward
Saint Emilion left its anchorage off Yonkers and headed to Cateret to pick up a new cargo
Emily Ann brought empty hoppers back to the DonJon base in Newark
A Coast Guard response boat on the river
A two-masted schooner sailing downriver
Another brig, the Shearwater based at the Brookfield Place Marina, passed Battery Park City
Marine Viper attack helicopters flew past the Financial District
A trio of Blackhawks came down the river from Stewart Airbase in Newburgh, made a few loops around the Statue of Liberty, and then headed back
A Tailwind seaplane, likely returning from Boston, came down the Hudson to loop around the Battery and land in the East River

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