The Jet Ski Invasion

Saturday was the annual Jet Ski Invasion, where 100s of personal watercraft gather and make a circuit of Manhattan, very enjoyable to the riders and a big noisy nuisance to pretty much everyone else who traverses or follows the North River. The “invasion” rounded the Battery after 11am and proceeded north.

The Jet Ski invasion arrives

The invasion was escorted by Coast Guard, NYPD, and the FDNY, as well as fireboats from Jersey City, Hoboken, and North Hudson departments.

Hoboken Fire
US Coast Guard
Jersey City Fire

Regular commercial traffic and ferry boats had to operate as usual, mostly maintaining course, occasionally leaning on the horn, and hoping that self-interest keeps the riders out of the way.

Dann Marine’s Charles A towed a large barge right through the flotilla
The DEP’s Red Hook overtook the invasion, with plenty of horn and an escort from the Coast Guard for much of the way
The Fort McHenry waited for the river to clear before leaving its bunkering job at Pier 88
As did DonJon Marine’s DSNY recycling run to Staten Island
The river was all clear by the time Buchanan12 headed back to Clinton Point at the end of the day

A Canadian Forces coastal defense vessel, the HMCS Moncton, is visiting New York wearing commemorative World War II style anti-submarine camouflage. She was bunkered by the Vane Brothers tug Fort McHenry in the morning.

HMCS Moncton tied up on the south side of Pier 88
Moncton being refueled

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