Stay cool

Blazing heat prevailed on Sunday, with light winds out of the south. Recreational activity was most notable early, while things were still cool. Commercial activity was typical for a Sunday. Another escorted swimmer came through in the morning, with its accompanying powerboat flying an “I” flag.

A swimmer (circled) with a kayak and powerboat escort.
A standup paddle boarder dug in, passing a cormorant on a pier
Outrigged canoes moved south, passing a cormorant drying its wings
Carolina Coast came down light from the Yonkers sugar plant
Saint Emilion headed for Albany with what was probably a partial loaded barge
Overtaking Kimberly Poling with a heavy barge
Norwegian Joy loaded up for a trip to Bermuda
And was serviced by a bunkering barge
Daisy Mae passed Weehawken enroute to Coeymans with dirt and gravel
Buchanan12 had an unusually light load of just one hopper heading back to Clinton Point
Another empty tanker barge heading south

The tug Rhea Bouchard anchored off 72nd Street with an empty barge. The Bouchard Towing Company is out of business and the tug is owned under new ownership but apparently retains this name.

The tug Rhea Bouchard at anchor
A sailboat running upriver in late afternoon
Ruth Reinauer headed upriver, passing a mid-town bound ferry
One of the last goslings off the season follows a parent

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