Moving cement

Tuesday brought sunny skies, pleasant summer temperatures and winds over 10 knots from the northeast. Dann Marine was busy moving cement barges for its client Lafarge while ATB traffic was typical. Carnival Magic was back in town, reloading at Pier 88 and then departing for another trip down to the Eastern Caribbean.

Magic was built as recently as 2011 but has fixed pitch propellers rather than pod propulsion and gets an assist when leaving the pier. John D. Moran did the honors again this week. The Rhea Bouchard and Barry Silverton remained anchored in the river for a third day.

Pearl Coast pushed a loaded cement barge down from Ravenna/Coeymans to Lafarge’s Bayonne terminal
Sapphire Coast was moving an empty cement barge in the other direction, arriving from Providence and heading towards Ravenna/Coeymans
Nicole Leigh Reinauer with an empty barge heading south
Cardinal Magic at Pier 88 and leaving in the late afternoon
A cormorant forcing down his breakfast
A Coast Guard 45’ boat with a crowd on the aft deck
The DEP’s Red Hook on its appointed rounds
The Schuylkill pushed a barge upriver and anchored off Yonkers
Buchanan12 brought its usual load down from the quarry, passing the anchored Rhea Bouchard
Seaplanes are becoming a more common sight, with Blade now running shuttles to East Hampton in addition to the Tailwinds flights up to Boston. Planes take off in the East River, never from the North River
A J80 under spinnaker heading downwind

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