Summer Friday

Moderate temperatures gave way to rain in the afternoon. River traffic was fairly light and typical, without any notable movement. Krisitin Poling anchored off 72nd Street late Thursday with an empty barge and remained there for all of Friday. The Poling-Cutler tugs seem to usually favor anchorages further upriver near the bridge or beyond but the Krisitin was further south today.

Ellen McAllister headed up to the North River sewage plant to meet the DEP’s Red Hook and then shadowed the Red Hook downriver as it headed back to Hunts Point—perhaps the Red Hook was experiencing some mechanical difficulty.

Kristin Poling at anchor off 72nd Street Friday
The Army Corps’ Gelberman tug made a loop up the river for a second day in a row
Vane Brothers Charleston pushed a barge north from the Chevron asphalt plant on the Arthur Kill, heading for Albany
Buchanan12 headed back north to pick up more stone and gravel
The Ellen McCallister travelled to the North River plant to escort the DEP’s Red Hook tanker
An Army Chinook came south from Stewart Airbase in Newburgh, looped around the Statue and headed back north for a second day in a row

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