Student driver

The Training Ship Kennedy arrived today at Pier 88. The ship belongs to the Massachusetts Maritime Academy which uses it for a winter sea term, but in the summer it is attached to Texas A&M Maritime Academy for their summer sea term. The ship is a former freighter launched in 1967. A&M’s summer voyage brought them to Iceland and they are stopping here in New York on the way back to Galveston. The crew has attached a “Student Driver” sign on the stern for laughs.

The TS Kennedy at Pier 88 on Monday

Typical summer hot temperatures prevailed on Monday and traffic was moderate. The Adeline Marie and Cape Canaveral are still anchored in the river, but the Barry Silverton made an early departure and headed down to the Kill van Kull off Bayonne.

The Adeline Marie off 72nd Street
Cape Canaveral anchored further up, with Boat Basin Marina in foreground

A Coast Guard 45’ response boat stopped a small yacht and 3 Coasties boarded for about 15 minutes, likely for a safety inspection. They later spent some time alongside a jet skier.

Safety inspection?
Speaking with a jet skier
A motoring schooner passed the Adeline Marie at slack tide
DonJon Marine taking the recycling out, bound for Pratt paper mill in Staten Island
Buchanan12 heading back to Clinton Point for more stone
Coral Coast bringing an empty cement barge back from the College Point, Queens depot and heading back to the Lafarge Ravenna plant
Swimmers were doing laps off 72nd Street, using the old unused kayak dock there as a base

We continue to see more seaplanes than ever this summer, with both Blade and Tailwind running flights to New England and the Hamptons. The planes take off on the East River, loop around the Battery and up the North River to gain altitude and then cut east across Westchester.

An outbound seaplane on Monday

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