Tuesday saw a terrible accident on the river as a small boat carrying twelve people capsized and partially sunk. Ten people were rescued by ferries according to reports, but FDNY and NYPD divers had to retrieve two. Apparently, two were brought to the hospital in serious or critical condition. There was no word on what kind of boat was involved. UPDATE: Local media is reporting that a child and a 20-year old women were declared dead on arrival at area hospitals. A sad day on the river.

The response was massive, with a staging area set up by the NY Waterway docks at Pier 79. Conditions at the time of the accident were calm, with the incident occurring well ahead of heavy thunderstrorms expected to move in from the south this evening. For more, see

Photo from WCBS via NY Post
Photo by Daniel Katzive
Photo by Daniel Katzive
Photo by Daniel Katzive

The day started out quite typical for a summer weekday, with the usual mix of commercial and recreational activity. The small cruise ship Insignia was in town, heading out in the late afternoon for Bermuda with help from Moran Towing.

A cabin cruiser passed by in the morning, heading up to Croton-on-Hudson
The icebreaker Sturgeon Bay on a summer patrol made a loop up to Tarrytown
Mister Jim, with some red added to his new grey paint, brought some rocks down from Coeymans
Buchanan12 was on her usual route down from the quarry
Port Richmond, one of the three newer DEP tankers, was working the North River plant with Red Hook still apparently out of service.
Insignia at Pier 90
Miriam Moran helped the Insignia cruise ship leave the dock
J80 sailboats ran with spinnakers with the southerly wind

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  1. […] Conditions at the time of the accident (2:45pm) were reasonably calm though there were advisories in affect ahead of thunderstorms expected later. There was an ebb tide running against a southerly wind, and ferries can create big wakes. Perhaps they hit a large wake awkwardly at speed, or got rolled by a wave hitting the beam with too much weight on one side. As near as I can tell, the incident occurred mid-river off Pier 86 or so, but the boat would have drifted south with the ebb and emergency services staged off Pier 79 as seen in yesterday’s post. […]


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