Summer squalls

Lines of thunderstorms moved through the area throughout the day, starting first thing and then recurring at midday and in the afternoon. The sun broke through periodically but humidity remained high. The Haggerty Girls was (were?) anchored in the River in the morning, but headed down to the Upper Bay in the afternoon and was (were) replaced by Nicole Reinauer.

Haggerty Girls at anchor off 96th Street in the morning haze
And heading for the Upper Bay in the afternoon

Dann Marine’s Treasure Coast made a light trip up to Yonkers and back, likely to assist Carolina Coast with some docking operations at the Domino Sugar plant.

Treasure Coast heading for Yonkers
And on the way back to Brooklyn passing the Naval Academy’s training boats tied up for a visit to Pier 86 and the Growler submarine (part of the museum)

Buchanan12 was heading back north to the Clinton Point quarry with empty barges.

Buchanan12 with empty barges heading north

Coast Guard cutter Sturgeon Bay, one of two ice breakers based in Bayonne, headed upriver to Haverstraw Bay. The NYC DEP water quality monitoring boat was making a circuit of Manhattan, perhaps checking impact of the recent heavy rains on water conditions.

USCGC Sturgeon Bay heading north
The NYC DEP’s water quality monitoring boat on patrol
A Corps of Engineers tug moving through a midday squall
An NYPD 45’ boat on a morning patrol passing Pier i
Carnival Magic and its bunkering barge ahead of an evening departure to Bermuda
And leaving during a break in the storms with help from Jonathan C Moran
The DEP’s veteran North River tanker servicing the North River plant
A helicopter came in for a landing at the 34th Street heliport ahead of a storm moving across from New Jersey

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