The Dog Days of Summer

Scorching heat prevailed Tuesday, with Monday’s storms having done little if anything to cool things down. Fortunately, decent 10+ knot winds out of the southwest provided some relief by the water. River traffic was generally familiar and typical, with one notable exception seen in the skies.

The highlight of the day was to see a 1945 era DC-3, the Esther Mae, passing through heading southwest from Rhode Island after making a loop over Woods Hole Massachusetts. As of 17:30 EDT, the plane was heading southwest over Lancaster, PA.

Mister Jim came through pushing barges full of what was probably salt but possibly sand
Saint Emilion left its anchorage off Yonkers and headed down to Linden to load new cargo
Helen came down from Verplanck with what looked like an empty barge on the hip, heading for Long Island Sound
Mister Jim was on its daily crushed dolomite run, passing the anchored Dean Reinauer
One of Harbor Charlie’s larger boats was on patrol
As was FDNY’s Marine 1a boat
And the Corps of Engineer’s Hayward
While a Coast Guard Dolphin chopper kept an eye on things from a few hundred feet off the deck
Jersey City’s marine unit was seen a bit north of its jurisdiction
The small cruise ship Insignia headed out on another Bermuda run with help from Moran Towing
DC-3 Esther Mae heading south down the River
Esther Mae originated in Rhode Island, looped over Woods Hole, MA and was heading southwest over Lancaster PA as of 17:33.
Photo source: FlightRadar24

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