Still cooking

Wednesday brought another day of blazing hot temperatures, though a southerly wind built throughout the day providing some relief on the water. Commercial traffic was rather heavy mid-week, with a number of tanker barges, hoppers and a bulk carrier moving through

The former Bouchard tug Evening Mist came through with hoppers loaded with stone or gravel, arriving from the pier of a former cement plant up in Catskill, New York. We saw this tug, which is owned by Haugland Group, making the same run a few weeks back, and presumably they are using that pier to load stone. Later in the morning, after spending some time off Red Hook, the Evening Mist passed in the other direction, heading back north with empty barges.

Evening Mist brining gravel south early in the day
And returning with empties later
The bulker Bay Pearl came through, arriving from Veracruz and heading for Albany or Coeymans
Pinuccia, owned by a Boston towing company, headed north with a loaded barge from Kinder Morgan in Perth Amboy
Port Richmond was servicing the North River plant in the morning…
…and was overtaken by a NY Naval Militia 44’ boat, the same boat we saw coming up the river exactly a week ago
Later in the morning, the Red Hook, back in service after apparent mechanical problems last week, was doing the honors, passing Pier 66
A Poling-Cutler tug based Red hook with a light barge
Some time after one its fleet mates brought a loaded barge north
The Coast Guard’s Sturgeon Bay icebreaking tug returned from an overnight visit to Poughkeepsie
The Army Corps’ Gelberman was on patrol
An airship advertised Shark Week

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