Triathalon Sunday

The annual New York City Triathalon was held Sunday, though the running and biking segments were cut in half due to the extreme heat. The swimming segment went off as planned, unlike last year when elevated bacteria caused that leg to be canceled. Swimmers entered the water off a dock at 81st Street and swam a mile upriver with the flood tide to 99th Street, where they transitioned to their bikes.

There were a large number of FDNY and NYPD boats attending, as well as work crews from Miller’s Launch to maneuver the barges used as docks for the swimmers to enter and leave the water. By 10am, the swimmers were out of the water and the escort and work boats were heading home. Temperatures were scorching, approaching 100F, but fortunately there was a steady 10 knot wind out of the southwest, building into the evening and making for nice sailing conditions.

Photos Tweeted by “@nyctriathalon”
Miller’s Launch Samantha with crane deployed and other small boats after the swim segment had completed
Boats around the swimming exit point
Source: MarineTraffic
NYPD and FDNY boats leaving the Triathalon swim area
An Army Corps crane headed north after the event, passing the departing Samantha Miller
Harbor Charlie framed by the old NY Central float bridges at 67th Street
The Mako remained at anchor going on a third day off 72nd Street
As was the Morgan Reinauer, seen at slack tide being passed by low-flying cormorants
Saint Emilion brought an empty barge up from Staten Island, passing a paddle boarder and dropping anchor off 102nd Street
Janice Ann Reinauer returned from Newburgh and headed for the Arthur Kill
A kayaker got his ride in before the day got too hot
As did outrigged canoers, passing the Buchanan12 coming down with its usual cargo of crushed stone from Clinton Point
A motor yacht with unusual sailing apparatus added. Does this really work?
An immature herring gull off Pier i (thanks ManhattanBirdAlert for ID)
Smoke rose from a fire at the Sims Metal scrub yard on a pier in Jersey City, visible, behind the Jersey City skyline with the top of Norwegian Joy visible in the foreground
Norwegian Joy sailed for Bermuda

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