Breaking the heat wave

The heat wave of the past few days finally broke on Monday, with cooler air moving in and heavy thunderstorms hitting in the afternoon, knocking sailors and other recreational boats off the River. Commercial traffic was light and not particularly notable. Saint Emilion, Morgan Reinauer, and Mako remained at anchor in the River in the morning, but Saint Emilion left by midday and headed for IMTT in Bayonne. Mako also left at midday, but made a loop down in the Upper Bay and came back to its original spot, still killing time.

Morgan and Saint Emilion at anchor facing the flood tide in the morning
Mako at anchor in the morning
Evelyn Cutler was running light up to Yonkers in the morning, having apparently left her barge behind in Staten Island
CMT’s Mister Jim was pushing sand or salt back to Coeymans by 10am after having made an overnight run down to Brooklyn and a quick turnaround
A Miller’s Launch tug was pushing a crane barge north
The storms had hit by the time Coral Coast came through with an empty cement barge heading to Ravenna from the Lafarge Brooklyn dock
Heavy weather came through at about 1pm
Source: Weather Undeground
Things were looking ominous over the Battery as a private corporate ferry approached Jersey City Paulus Hook piers
Photo Credit: Daniel Ackman

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