Perfect Tuesday for pushing rock

Cooler air, lower humidity but still with the same steady breeze out of the southwest made for perfect conditions on Tuesday. River traffic was fairly heavy with a lot of rock and gravel heading south. The Mako remained anchored off 72nd Street, going on four days, but perhaps her brief visit to the Upper Bay on Monday reset the clock on the Coast Guard’s 96 hour limit for the anchorage. Josephine was also anchored on the River early but headed for the Narrows in the afternoon.

Josephine anchored in the morning, with Buchanan12 visible in the distance pushing hoppers of crushed dolomite rock
Sarah D of Marine Highway Transportation pushed hoppers probably full of limestone aggregate down from the Peckham Industries quarry in Catskill, heading to the Bay Ridge anchorage
Brian Courtney brought some type of gravel or aggregate from Haverstraw Bay down to Constable Hook in Bayonne
Jordan Rose brought an empty tanker barge up to anchor off Yonkers
Rockaway, one of the newer DEP tankers, passed the Lincoln Tunnel vents on the way to the North River plant
An NYPD 45’ boat passed Buchanan12 heading south
Later, Buchanan12 came back the other way with empties
Evelyn Cutler, which passed us heading for Yonkers light Monday, apparently retrieved her barge up there and headed for the Upper Bay Tuesday, passing B12
Buchanan12 also passed Josephine Reinauer on one whistle heading south, with B12 forced towards the New York shore as Mako was also at anchor mid river at that point
Saint Emilion came through with what looked like a partially loaded barge, heading for Albany
A quartet of Blackhawks flew down from Stewart Airbase in Newburgh, made several loops around the Statue and headed back north
The small Insignia cruise ship headed out in the afternoon on a 32-day cruise to La Havre, France via Reykjavik, with assistance from Kirby Moran and an escort from an NYPD 45’er
Vane Brothers’ Kings Point maneuvered a bunkering barge after refueling the Insignia earlier in the morning
The long-tenured Muscovy duck remains in residence at the abandoned 79th Street Boat Basin Marina

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