Moving Product

The spell of perfect weather came to an end Thursday, with temperatures rising again, though thankfully winds continued to blow steadily from the south. The second half of the week also has brought some interesting tanker traffic. Wednesday evening saw a Marshall Islands flagged tanker, The Amigo, coming down the river after having likely brought a cargo of oil products from the big refinery in New Brunswick, Canada to Albany. Most oil products head up to Albany on domestic flagged tanker barges, but occasionally we do see a cargo coming in from Canada or even Europe via tanker.

The Amigo on the way back to Canada after delivering oil products in Albany

The other interesting move came with one of the newest Reinauer tanker ATBs, the Janice Ann, coming down from Albany fully loaded and heading for Boston. Loaded tanker barges usually are heading north on the river, and cargos heading for Boston are usually loaded on New Jersey’s Chemical Coast along the Arthur Kill. The oil products markets are complex though, and we do not know nearly enough about them to explain everything we see.

Janice Ann Reinauer brings a loaded barge from Albany heading for Boston
Saint Emilion brought its empty barge down from Albany for a new cargo at KMI Cateret

Meanwhile, the Mako weighed anchor late in the day Wednesday and by Thursday morning was heading down the Jersey Shore signaling Baton Rouge as her destination. Early in the day, a pair of tugs belonging to Massachusetts-based Stasinos Marine brought a large crane down from upstate to Weeks Marine’s Bayonne dock, with the Mary Emma pulling and the Eastern Dawn pushing. Mary Emma then seemed to be heading back towards Boston after a stop in Brooklyn

Stasinos Marine brings a large crane down to Bayonne

Hopper traffic also remained heavy as construction and road repair industries run at full throttle. We have been seeing a lot of Massachusetts-based Stasinos Boats lately, and another one, the Charles James, brought hoppers with some kind of gravel down from Tomkins Cove to the Newark Bay side of Bayonne where a lot of hopper traffic has been going this week. CMT’s Mister Jim was going the other way, brining some kind of fill and rock load and a deck barge back to Coeymans.

Another Stasinos boat bringing gravel from Tomkins Cove to Bayonne
CMT’s Mister Jim heading for home with a hopper full of fill and a deck barge, passing the Galaxy Apartments in West New York
The Army Corp’s Hayward was on patrol as usual
…as was a 35’ NYPD launch
The DEP’s Red Hook was hauling sludge from the North River plant to Hunts Point for dewatering in the afternoon haze
A pleasant looking pleasure craft passed by in the morning
A double-crested cormorant aired out its wings in the cool morning air
Geese squadrons were flying low under the radar at Pier i
A mother mallard with a late-summer brood didn’t mind the flotsam and jetsam
A kayaker persisted through brutal afternoon heat

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