Wind and water

The city continued to bake in unbearable heat on Monday. The River was the place to be with steady south winds providing some natural air conditioning. Commercial traffic was light and fairly typical in nature. The super yacht Neninka remained anchored off 72nd Street for a second day.

Buchanan12 making its daily delivery of crushed dolomite from the Clinton Point quarry
The Seastreak New Jersey was on its way back to Martha’s Vinyard after spending about 24 hours at the North River Boatyard in Nyack
The Corps of Engineers crew boat Hocking made a full circuit of Manhattan
The super yacht Neninka remained at anchor for a second day with its tender alongside
Coast Guard 29’ boats were on the river
And so was the NYC DEP’s water quality monitoring boat
A J80 sailboat ran up river with its spinnaker rigged
Another J80 ran with a conventional foresail and was passed by the North Bergen fireboat by the Palisades Medical Center
Jordan Rose made a loop up the River with an empty barge

A CMV-22B, which is a Navy logistics version of the Marines’ MV-22 Osprey, made a loop up the river as far as Yonkers, flying out of Naval Air Station Patuxent River.

A Navy CMV-22B made a loop up the Hudson
The Cormorant Committee was meeting in morning session again
Storms were moving through by the end of the day

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