The heat wave broke somewhat on Wednesday, with temperatures dropping down into the 80s, though winds also dropped off. Traffic was fairly light. The Saint Emilion arrived from Albany with an empty tanker overnight and dropped anchor off 96th Street. She was joined later by Kristin Poling, arriving with a light barge after a delivery in New Haven and then heading back to the Arthur Kill in the afternoon. The Dean Reinauer came through pushing a loaded barge down from Albany and signaling Portland, Maine. Usually loaded barges move north on the River, but we saw a similar move heading for Boston last month, and these could be ethanol cargos transported to Albany by rail and then on to New England by barge.

Kristin Poling with an empty barge anchored after returning from New Haven
And then heading to pick up a new cargo
Dean Reinauer bringing a loaded barge down from Albany and signaling Portland, Maine. Ethanol on board?

The super yacht Neninka remained anchored off 72nd Street in the morning for a third day. Later in the morning, her tender brought a passenger to the Boat Basin Marina. Did no one tell them it is closed? With no way to disembark there, the passenger returned to the yacht and the yacht subsequently weighed anchor to cruise up and down the river for the rest of the morning.

The Neninka at anchor with her tender
The DEP tanker Hunts Point headed for the North River plant
And leaving later loaded with sludge
Coast Guard 29’ boats were back on the River, drilling for a second day in a row.
Another Wagenborg vessel, the Virginiaborg, headed for Albany with wood products from Sweden, the second in the past 3 days.

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