Cooking again

Yesterday’s respite from the heat was short-lived as temperatures climbed again after overnight thunderstorms. Unfortunately, winds remained light. River traffic was fairly typical. The Naval Academy’s yard patrol training boats were back in town for a fourth time this summer as summer training cruises likely wind up ahead of the beginning of the Fall term in late August .

One of the Naval Academy’s four training boats arriving at Pier 86. J80 sailboats and the tug Nathan G in the background
Marine Highway’s Nathan G brought a load of crushed limestone down from the Colorusso & Sons quarry in Hudson New York to the New York Sand & Stone dock at the Brooklyn Navy Yard
CMT’s Helen pushed a hopper with larger rocks down from Coeymans, which I recently learned is pronounced “KWEE-Mans”.
Helen exchanged barges off Greenville, Jersey City and was heading back north to Coeymans with a black looking cargo, perhaps asphalt millings, by the end of the day.
DonJon Marine was moving paper from Pier 99 to the Pratt mill on Staten Island
Saint Emilion pulled up its hook from the North River anchorage and headed down to pick up another cargo
Kristin Poling pushed a load north on the River even though signaling New Haven on AIS
The Vane Brothers’ Philadelphia pushed a cargo north
Buchanan12 brought its usual lash-up of empty hoppers north
Carnival Magic sailed after 6pm with a push from Kirby Moran, heading for Bermuda
A pair of Marine choppers, including one Viper attack helicopter, flew low up the river just before 6pm

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