A hint of Autumn?

A beautiful cool and breezy morning gave way to a more typical summer afternoon, but for a while this morning it felt like fall might be creeping closer. Winds were out of the north, atypical for summer. River traffic was light and typical.

A DonJon tug muscled a recycling barge out of Pier 99 en route to Staten Island
The Hunts Point, one of three newer DEP tankers, was servicing the North River plant…
…as was Red Hook, an older model tanker
Saint Emilion was pushing for Albany; as usual, her barge was riding high in the water on this route
Buchanan12 was on its usual daily dolomite delivery run
Late in the day, the bulker Antigoni B arrived from Colombia heading upriver, passing the Arneborg on the way back to sea after discharging container board in Albany earlier in the week.
The Naval Academy’s training boats remain tied up at Pier 86
Harbor Charlie has cars. This one was parked in the Intrepid Museum parking lot, presumably supporting the launch based on Pier 86
A Navy E-2C Hawkey made a loop up the river. This plane is assigned to a training squadron based in Norfolk.
For the second day this week a pair of swimmers were on the river with escort boats
An outrigged canoe moved upriver in the morning
And a pair moved downriver in the afternoon
A cormorant and a herring gull can be friends

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