Splendid Saturday

Saturday brought extremely pleasant conditions, with temperatures holding in the 60s and 70s and light winds continuing out of the north. River traffic was moderate and fairly typical, while sail boats, kayaks, paddle boards, outrigged canoes and even escorted swimmers were out in force.

A DonJon tug brought a scow with scrap metal down from the Sims Metal dock in Albany to the company’s Newark facility
Passing another DonJon tug with a different kind of recycling, paper waste heading for Staten Island
And a Reinauer tug pushing a loaded barge towards Albany
Kirby’s Bluefin, which seems to normally operate in the Philadelphia area, brought an empty barge to anchor further up river off Yonkers
Daisy Mae was heading back upriver to Tarrytown light in the morning. AIS shows she later headed back down towards the Lower Bay, perhaps with a load
Her CMT colleagues on Helen were pushing a hopper with large rocks down from Coeymans, passing a large sailboat
Vane Brothers’ Elk River was pushing a cargo north in the afternoon
The Corps’ Hayward was making her usual rounds
This striped bass has seen better days, but at what looked like nearly 3 feet in length it shows the size these can get to in the river

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