Mid-week traffic

Mid-week brought warm temperatures and passing rain storms. River traffic was fairly typical with some notable exceptions. Centerline Logistic’s Barry Silverton brought a barge up from Freeport, Texas, heading for the Sunoco Hudson Terminal in Rensselaer, an usual move as most refined product cargos heading up the river are loaded in New Jersey rather than being shipped up from the Gulf.

Barry Silverton bringing a Texas cargo up to Albany Wednesday evening
A Reinauer ATB with a more typical routing, bringing a cargo from Cateret north on Thursday morning
Dann Marine pushed a cement barge south from the Lafarge Ravenna plant Wednesday evening
An empty cement barge was moving in the opposite direction Thursday late afternoon after a delivery in New Haven
Kayakers passed a Circle Line boat completing a counter-clockwise circuit of Manhattan Thursday
Happy Dragon headed back to sea Wednesday evening, signaling Brunswick, Georgia as next stop
Sludge tanker Red Hook has been servicing the North River plant this week
A Coast Guard Dolphin chopper over Pier 98 Thursday morning

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