Friday night light

ATBs awaiting new cargos accumulated at the North River anchorages Friday heading into a hot weekend. Patrice McAllister arrived Thursday night and anchored off 96th Street. She was joined by Adeline Marie, anchoring about a mile south Friday morning and then by Dean Reinauer dropping its hook off the 125th Street pier in the afternoon. An interesting small chemical tanker came through in the afternoon, with the Scot (which stands for Safe Chemical Oil Tanker according to the company’s web site) Hamburg coming up from the Caribbean and heading for Albany with unknown cargo.

Patrice McCallister at anchor Friday morning with her light barge “on the hip”
Adeline Marie arrived Friday morning, passing ferry and sailboat traffic before anchoring off 79th Street
Dean Reinauer loomed further north in the afternoon haze, with the small tug Pegasus in the foreground
Pegusus was running light, heading for the Battery after attending to some business in Yonkers
The Scot Hamburg, a small 8200 deadweight ton chemical tanker was heading for Albany in the afternoon, arriving from Dominican Republic
An even smaller bunkering tanker was on the river in the morning
As were some well equipped kayakers
And a breakfasting cormorant

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