Summer in the city

Temperatures moderated Sunday and winds picked up, making for a great day to be on the water for recreation. For some mariners though, Sunday is just another working day, and commercial traffic on the River was heavy. As usual, ATBs were moving oil products north and returning light. Cement barges moved the other way, coming south loaded and returning empty, as did tugs pushing hoppers full of crushed stone and gravel.

There were no new details available on yesterday’s boat fire and sinking, though we did here from a reader responding to our West Side Rag article on the incident that the boat’s passengers were rescued from the river by a civilian motor boat and transferred to an NYPD launch. A barge with a crane was stationed where the boat went down, suggesting the Corps may make an effort to raise it this week.

Nathan G brought rock south to the building materials dock in Brooklyn
Haugland Corp’s Evening mist brought gravel down from the company’s Tomkins Cove port facility to the Newark Bay side of Bayonne
Sapphire Coast pushed an empty cement barge upriver from the Lafarge Brooklyn dock heading back to Ravenna for more product
Dean Reinauer passed the Palisades on its way north to Newburgh
The older 1968 vintage Dace Reinauer passed Weehawken heading for Albany
Another Reinauer ATB ran light heading south past the Dyckman Street Marina
Kimberly Poling brought a light barge south under the bridge before anchoring off 96th Street
Centerline’s Adeline Marie remained anchored off 72nd Street for another day
The DEP’s Red Hook serviced the North River plant
A barge with a crane marked the spot where a motor yacht sank Saturday
Swimmers took a dip off 100th Street. I declined an offer to join them.

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