Stormy Monday

Monday brought moderate temperatures and periodic thunderstorms passing through, with more on the way in the evening. Tanker traffic remained fairly heavy on the River. Meanwhile, in reporting for West Side Rag, we learned Ken’s Marine has been retained by the insurance company of the 48’ yacht which sank in the River on Saturday to salvage the vessel off the bottom. A deck barge and tug were over the location this morning, along with a 45’ Coast Guard boat, though the weather systems passing through may have interfered with their work. See the West Side Rag article for more.

A deck barge and crane and the tugboat Durham on site for salvage operations on the sunken yacht, with a Coast Guard response boat off to the left
Janice Ann Reinauer heading north with her loaded barge
Kimberly Poling, who passed us with a light barge heading south Sunday, was also pushing north with a cargo loaded in Cateret
Schuylkill had a light barge coming up from Inwood on Jamaica Bay to anchor off Yonkers
Adeline Marie pulled up its hook after several days anchored off 79th Street and headed to the Arthur Kill for a new cargo
Carnival Magic took advantage of a break in the storms to leave Pier 88 with help from Kirby Moran, en route to the Carribean
A trio of large Army helicopters headed north up the river. Look closely and you can see legs of presumably tethered soldiers dangling off the rear ramps.

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