Raised from the depths

The sunken yacht was raised from the bottom of the river this morning. Upper West Side photographer Peter Brandt captured some photos which he shared with West Side Rag: https://www.westsiderag.com/2022/08/23/burnt-yacht-raised-from-river-bottom

Work boats at the salvage site this morning (Daniel Katzive photo)

Meanwhile, the River was in the news today for other reasons as well. The New York Times has run a story detailing concerns that some members of the board of Hudson River Park Advisory Council, which advises the Trust which owns the piers south of 59th Street, have with Con Ed discharging hot water into the River from Pier 98, a by-product of the heat exchange process which the company uses to cool cables at the 49th Street substation. The article also reports that the utility discharges contaminated water from flushing steam boilers at the 59th Street steam plant, which has not been documented elsewhere as far as I know. While the concerns seem reasonable, the heat discharge aspect at least needs to be viewed in the context of the city’s goals to increase use of electricity and reduce use of natural gas and oil in residential and commercial buildings to meet environmental goals. There is no free lunch and keeping the lights on in a densely populated city will come with some environmental impact no matter what.

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