Endless summer

Temperatures climbed again Tuesday, but the steady southerly winds which have been gracing us all of August this year have continued, providing some relief on the River. Commercial traffic was typical and light.

Nathan G of Marine Highway brought hoppers of crushed limestone down from the quarry in Hudson, NY
Late in the afternoon, the Sara D, also of Marine Highway brought back empties as well as a deck barge with construction equipment
Haugland’s Evening Mist came through with empty hoppers (actually one of the hoppers was carrying another empty hopper) heading back to the Haugland Group’s Tomkins Cove port facility
Pinuccia headed north with a loaded tanker barge
The DEP’s Red Hook was working the North River plant
Marine One’s Three Forty Three fireboat anchored for a short time off 70th Street
A small NYPD boat was on patrol
The Scot Hamburg chemical tanker departed late Monday, a few days after arriving in Albany from Dominican Republic. She was clearly lighter on the way out, though its not clear what kind of cargo might move from DR to Albany

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