Two-way traffic

Summer is drawing to a close, but you wouldn’t know from the temperature, which remained hot Saturday. Winds were light and out of the north all day, providing less relief than in recent days. Commercial traffic on the River was heavy. The Cape Henry remained at anchor off 86th Street after arriving Friday evening and was joined by the Timothy Reinauer a bit further north later. Kimberly Poling, which had been anchored off Edgewater overnight, left in the morning hours for more cargo.

One notable move was a deck barge with varied cargo heading up from Wilmington towards the Port of Albany. The containers on the front of the barge where marked with signs saying NextEra, a green energy company with a number of solar projects upstate so presumably this is solar equipment heading north.

What seems to be solar equipment heading for Albany
Pinuccia pushed a loaded barge passing Buchanan12 on one whistle on its daily dolomite run
Coming back the other way with empty barges, Buchanan12 passed a Dann brothers tug and cement barge on two whistles
Late in the day, Haugland Group’s Evening Mist was on the way back to the company’s Tomkins Cove facility and passed (on one whistle) Carolina Coast towing an empty sugar barge back to Florida from the Yonkers Domino plant.
Kimberly Poling heading for new cargo after anchoring overnight in the River
Cape Henry at anchor off 86th Street
Stephen Reinauer anchored farther uptown
Scrap metal from Sims Brothers Albany headed for Bayonne
Nathan G brought crushed limestone down from Hudson NY
A Ring Billed Gull at Pier i

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