Holiday week

The last week of August and unofficial end of summer brought typical hot temperatures and limited commercial traffic. Several tanker barges which had been idled in the North River over the weekend headed out, but not to pick up new cargos, instead anchoring elsewhere in the harbor. Patrice McCalister remained on the River off Edgewater, and she was joined by Reinauer’s Josephine who returned from upstate with a light barge.

Timothy Reinauer prepared to depart for Gravesend Bay anchorage, while Patrice remained anchored off Edgewater with her barge on the hip
Kristin Poling was moving product, heading north and passing the departing Timothy on one whistle with the towers of Journal Square in the background
Josephine, nearly 40 years younger than the 1979 vintage Timothy, arrived with a light barge and anchored off 89th Street
Jordan Rose left her Yonkers anchorage and headed for the Upper Bay
DonJon was moving paper for recycling out to Staten Island from Pier 99
The Army Corp’s Gelberman was making the rounds
Centerline Logistics tugs brought a bunkering barge to refuel Norwegian Getaway after her early Monday arrival
By late afternoon, crewmen were waiting on a platform to drop lines while final passengers arrived
And she headed for Bermuda before sundown, dwarfing a Waterway ferry
Cormorants were on patrol

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