Midweek roundup

Tuesday and Wednesday brought moderate temperatures, and building westerly winds which made for great sailing up and down the river by Wednesday afternoon. Activity in the city and on the River was subdued in the run up to Labor Day weekend. A pair of Reinauer tugs and the Patrice McCalister were at anchor on the River Tuesday, and they were replaced by the Cape Henry, which came back to River after refueling at the Kirby dock on Staten Island and then spending some time in the Upper Bay. The super-yacht Neninka was back at anchor off 72nd Street after returning from Greenport, NY on the North Fork.

A pair of Reinauer ATBs at anchor Tuesday morning
The self-propelled lift boat Legs III passed the anchored Patrice McCallister Tuesday morning on the way to North Yonkers
Cape Henry at anchor off 110th Street Wednesday afternoon
Evening Mist brought crushed rock down from a quarry in Catskill NY
Kristin Poling had a light barge on the hip heading for Raritan Bay anchorage
Normandy was running light with business to attend to in Yonkers
Bar stools ready for cocktail hour on the boat deck of the Neninka
A Centerline tug prepared to remove a bunkering barge from Carnival Magic
A Moran tug stood by on the south side of Pier 88, dwarfed by the skyline and waiting to assist the Magic when it headed back to Bermuda after 5pm

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