Catching up

The final days of August and first days of September brought a bit of a lull in activity, both on land and on the River. Most of the commercial traffic has been moving stone rather than fuels, though the cruise terminal has been quite busy, which is good for Centerline Logistics’ bunkering business.

Centerline’s HMS Justice, presumably named for a Royal Navy rescue tug which served at D-day, kept a bunkering barge in place by Norwegian Joy on Thursday as a port worker walked past
Another Centerline tug maneuvers a bunkering barge for Norwegian Getaway Saturday morning
Getaway got away later in the day, heading back to Bermuda
Evening Mist brought a load of stone south on Thursday
As did a Stasinos Marine tug
And the Sarah D on Friday
Hays’s Joker brought a high sided hopper down from Coeymans on Saturday
Evelyn Cutler anchored off Edgewater Saturday
Kimberly Poling brought an empty barge down from Albany to load a new cargo in Bayonne, passing Buchanan12 bringing empty hoppers back north on one whistle
A Reinauer ATB overtook Stasinos’s John Joseph pushing empty hoppers up to Haverstraw on two whistles Saturday
The DEP’s Hunts Point, one of three newer tankers, was servicing the North River plant on Saturday

On Saturday morning, an outrigged-canoe got wedged in the pilings of Pier i by the ebb tide. A rower from one of the other canoes swam over to join them, but it took about 40 minutes of hard work to get free. A launch from their club appeared to arrive on the scene but only after they were off.

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