Labor Day: Loaded and light

Labor Day was a day off for many of us on land, but tugboat crews were hard at work, with tanker traffic fairly heavy. Evelyn Cutler began the morning anchored off Edgewater after seemingly loading a barge at Bayonne’s IMTT overnight. Tugs with loaded barges normally do not anchor in the River, but perhaps the holiday meant a delay at the delivery point. Later in the morning, Evelyn left the River and anchored in the Upper Bay, to be replaced by Reinauer’s Haggerty Girls and Kirby’s Lincoln Sea.

Evelyn Cutler at anchor off Edgewater with a loaded barge…
And later heading for the Upper Bay

Janice Ann Reinauer, one of the newer (if not newest) ATBs of the Reinauer fleet, came down from Albany with her barge looking fully loaded and signaling Providence. This is the third time this summer we have seen this atypical counter-flow of loaded tankers coming south from Albany instead of moving north with cargos loaded in New Jersey. All three ATBs have been Reinauer, and this is most likely ethanol moving to Albany by train and then on to New England by barge. Janice Ann passed the anchored Haggerty Girls on the way down, and the photo below provides a good illustration of the different profiles of two similar barges, one loaded and the other light.

Janice Ann Reinauer with a loaded barge passing the anchored Haggerty Girls with a light barge. Not long after, the Girls left the River and headed south

Kirby’s Lincoln Sea arrived on the River with its enormous barge empty and dropped anchor. At 474 feet, Kirby’s barge is over 60 feet longer than those of the Reinauer ATBs seen earlier. I have not seen Lincoln on the River before, though she is based in NY Harbor, and this ATB may be a bit long for River work. In any event, she seems to have spent most of the summer working in Florida and the Gulf and was arriving today from Cape Canaveral.

Lincoln Sea with her large barge maneuvering to pass the anchored Haggerty Girls before dropping anchor herself further north; Photo credit M. Katzive
Pinuccia returned from Sunday’s trip to Newburgh with a light barge and anchored in the Upper Bay
And Kimberly Poling was also pushing an empty down from Albany
One of NYPD’s large launches passing the Port Imperial ferry terminal
Beach day: Geese, ducks, and grackles enjoy low tide in Riverside Park

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