Back to work, in the rain

The end of the long weekend and the first unofficial (non-astronomical) day of autumn brought soaking rains to the region. Morning found Dann Marine’s unusually designed pusher tug the Chesapeake Coast anchored in the River off 72nd Street with a tanker barge. This tug is seen on the River sometimes, but usually running light with no barge, and rarely, if ever, at anchor.

The unusually designed tug Chesapeake Coast in an usual spot

The DEP’s Red Hook was back in action servicing the North River plant after several days in which the newer Hunts Point was doing the honors. Meanwhile, Hunts Point was off in Jamaica Bay Tuesday, ferrying sludge from the Rockaway plant to the 26th Ward plant for dewatering.

The DEP’s Red Hook passing an oak tree in Riverside Park South
Centerline’s HMS Justice helped bunker the Norwegian Joy as arriving passengers waited for transportation in the morning
By evening, Joy was passing Pier 86 and the Growler submarine on the way north to the Canadian Maritime Provinces
This cormorant seemed more annoyed by the rain than you might expect

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