Weekend update and a somber anniversary

The weekend passed with pleasant but hot weather on Friday and Saturday followed by rain without thunder on Sunday. Commercial activity picked up Sunday evening but was otherwise light. The cruise terminal was busy though, with Carnival Magic in on Friday, three boats visiting Saturday and a final Royal Norwegian boat here on Sunday, with dredging activity going on all the while in between. The 9/11 anniversary on Sunday brought some police traffic heading for the ceremonies downtown.

A stone hopper being brought back north empty on Friday
An American Petroleum tug pushing a tanker barge north towards Albany
Kirby’s Lincoln Sea was anchored off 79th Street for the weekend
Buchanan12 passed the Lincoln Sea with a load of crushed dolomite heading for Jersey City
Things got tight as a Norwegian cruuse ship left Pier 88 as B12 was moving south, and dredge scows looked on
The DEP’s Rockaway was servicing the North River plant Sunday
A Port Authority Police boat headed south Sunday, perhaps for 9/11 ceremonies
North Hudson’s marine unit was exercising its water canons, perhaps rehearsing for the ceremonies
A Yonkers police boat passed Dyckman Street Marina on its way, presumably also an attendant at commemorations downtown
Dann Marine brought an empty cement barge north for refilling at the Lafarge plant upstate Sunday morning
Sunday evening, colleagues were bringing a loaded cement barge in the opposite direction, passing Buchanan12 on two whistles in the fading light
A C130 flying south down the river Sunday morning
This unusual yacht was anchored off Englewood Cliffs, perhaps a fishing vessel retrofitted for yacht duty
This ketch was anchored north of the North River sewage plant
A more conventional super yacht was anchored of Englewood Marina, with the marina’s large flag flying at half staff

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