And the days go by…

A clear and slightly cooler week has followed the weekend rain. Busy times on land and shorter days means less chance to get on the River and watch the traffic. Vessels observed in recent days were all North River regulars.

The dredging team remains hard at work at the cruise terminal
Haugland Group’s Evening Mist has been making runs from the quarry up in Catskill NY
A Poling-Cutler tug, Kimberly Poling, pushed a tanker cargo north, passing the still-anchored super yacht Moca near 72nd Street
Dann Marine continues to move cement south from Ravenna, NY and bring back empty barges north
A Vane Brothers tug was running light coming south on Thursday
Another trip to the narrower East River allows for closeups of North River regular Mister Jim
Also on the East River, this Buchanan Marine tug, Mister T, is not one seen often on the North River

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