Mystery pollutant

Beautiful weather extended into the weekend, but serenity on the River was somewhat marred Friday afternoon by a strange armada of white cubes which travelled up the estuary on the flood tide. At a distance this appeared to be a huge collection of styrofoam floating in, but on closer examination the cubes were made up of some kind of sudsy material which broke up easily when fished out with a stick. Inquiry to the NY State DEC brought no immediate response, and Riverkeeper responded to a Tweet that they were unable to identify it from the photos. As we reported in the West Side Rag Friday night, the mystery remains unsolved for now. Other observed traffic in the river has been more typical.

Mysterious cubes floating north
Haugland’s Evening Mist making a run south from the company’s Tomkins Cove port
The dredgers remain at work in the passenger terminal, hauling mud scows to the HARS dump site off Highlands, New Jersey
Janice Ann Reinauer brought a light barge back from Newburgh, heading for the Kinder Morgan terminal in Perth Amboy. She passed the Carnival Magic, loading up for a trip to Nova Scotia
Evelyn Cutler was on a similar course, brining her light barge down from Albany to the Phillips 66 terminal at Tremley Point on Saturday
Colleagues on the Kimberly Poling were moving in the other direction later in the afternoon , bringing a cargo from Cataret up towards Albany

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