A storm in the afternoon

Monday was hot and hazy, with storms coming through in the afternoon. Commercial traffic observed was mainly concentrated in tanker barges. Dean Reinauer came up from the Arthur Kill and anchored in the North River with a loaded barge, which is not typical (usually anchoring barges are light). The periodic closures of the East River as the UN meetings get underway was the likely explanation. By 6pm she had pulled up her hook, headed around the Battery, up the East River, through Hell Gate towards the Sound.

Dean Reinauer anchored in the River with a loaded barge, probably to wait out the closure of the East River for UN meetings.
Haggerty Girls came up the River following the storm to anchor off Riverside Park
Susan Rose also moved up the River with a light barge, presumably to anchor
Ivory Coast headed for Yonkers in the rain, joining the Carolina Coast up there likely to assist at the Domino Sugar plant
Sarah Dann assisted the dredgers south of Pier 90
Thomas D Witte brought a load of scrap down from Sims Metal Albany, passing the anchored super yacht Moca

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