Security, security, security

Beautiful late-fall conditions prevailed Tuesday after Monday’s line of storms, with winds around 10 knots out of the west. Security was tight on land and on the rivers as the UN Meetings kicked off and ahead of President Biden’s visit Wednesday. The Coast Guard 140 foot ice breaking tug Sturgeon Bay was stationed in the North River anchorages and her counterpart Penobscot Bay was on station by the UN. The faster 87’ Protector Class Sandy Hook-based cutter Belgua was tied up in reserve at the Marine 1 FDNY station in Chelsea, and the 110’ Island Class Woods Hole-based cutter Sanibel was patrolling the East River, along with numerous small Coast Guard and NYPD boats. Commercial tanker barge traffic remained heavy on the North River, perhaps signaling that heating oil season is upon us.

Bayonne-based USCGC Strugeon Bay at anchor in the North River off Edgewater in the afternoon haze
Vinik 6, a tug we have not seen or noticed before on the North River, was bringing a light looking, though perhaps just lightly loaded, barge from Shell’s Newark terminal towards Albany Tuesday morning
Evelyn Cutler, a North River regular with a more obviously loaded barge, was close on her heels heading for the same place
Josephine Reinauer was also pushing a loaded barge north late in the afternoon
Haggerty Girls was (were?) anchored all day off the Boat Basin Marina
Buchanan12 was on an early dolomite rock run down from Clinton Point
Sarah Dann and the Delaware Bay dredger had moved to the south side of Pier 88

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