Presidential address

President Biden addressed the UN General Assembly Wednesday, snarling traffic on the East Side and periodically blocking the East River, but North River traffic was fairly typical. USCGC Sturgeon Bay continued to keep a watchful eye on the West Side from its anchorage off 96th Street as motorcades zipped along the Henry Hudson Parkway, and Haggerty Girls remained anchored a bit further south.

The most notable shipping of the day came before sunrise as the bulker Jasmine slipped up to the wallboard plant in Buchanan with a load of gypsum from Garrucha Spain. The only daylight manifestation of this on the North River was the Doris and Miriam Moran coming south from Buchanan late in the morning after presumably helping the Jasmine dock at the plant up there.

Doris Moran passing Guttenberg after helping a gypsum carrier with docking up at the Buchanan wallboard plant
Followed shortly after by Miriam Moran
The Haggerty Girls and Cutter Sturgeon Bay at anchor off Riverside Park
Sturgeon Bay can mount machine guns on its bridge wings for security details but we cannot see clearly enough in the photo whether she has done so
A Reinauer ATB came upriver early in the day with a cargo
Vanes Brothers’ Fells Point pushed an empty down from Albany in the afternoon
Kimberly Poling left her Yonkers anchorage and brought her empty barge down towards the harbor as well
As did her colleagues on Evelyn Cutler
And Boston Marine’s Quenames, which passed the anchored Haggerty Girls
Buchanan12 made a turn towards Manhattan to avoid the traffic and anchored vessels

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