HMS Richmond at the pier

Monday brought the Jewish New Year and beautiful fall weather, with temperatures climbing into the 70s after a cool start. The Royal Navy frigate HMS Richmond remained tied up on the south side of Pier 88. In the morning, sailors and an officer could be observed doing some kind of formal drill, raising and lowering the naval ensign several times, perhaps rehearsing for some ceremony planned for this week. The flagship Queen Elizabeth remains anchored in the Upper Bay ahead of the Atlantic Future Forum it will be hosting on Wednesday. Meanwhile, commercial traffic remained heavy, with a lot of oil products heading north as we enter heating oil season.

Frigate HMS Richmond tied up on the south side of Pier 88
…with some kind of drill underway on the stern. The sailors are holding rifles and the officer in front has a sword.
Meanwhile, dredging continued on the other side of Pier 88
Later on, Sarah Dann handed off a full mud scow to Atlantic Enterprise which would tow it out to the dump site off Sandy Hook
While Douglas J brought in an empty barge for more mud
A pair of F/A 18s escorted a seagull up the river, with the flyover perhaps related to the same forum that brought the Royal Navy to town
A Coast Guard dolphin helicopter was also on patrol
As was what looked like a US Air Force Huey helicopter
and an NYPD 45’ boat
A loaded Reinauer ATB passed between two anchored yachts off 79th Street. The Moca on the left has been there for two weeks, apparently not subject to the Coast Guard 96-hour limit for tugs. The one on the right stopped in that unusual anchorage spot for just a few hours and then was on its way to Greenwich, Connecticut
Vane Brothers’ Fort Schuyler pushed a loaded barge north as well
As did Boston Marine’s Quenames
And Kimberly Poling
Haugland Group’s Evening Mist was bringing empty hoppers north, probably heading for the company’s Tomkins Cove intermodal port

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