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Mid-week brought more beautiful weather, with temperatures rising from the 50s into the high 60s. Winds remained above 10 knots, but rotated a bit up to the northwest. Tanker barge traffic was lighter after Tuesday’s crush, with mostly empty barges coming south. Some light tugs were seen heading upriver, most likely on their way to docking assist jobs in Westchester.

Meanwhile, the cruise ship Norwegian Getaway remained docked at Pier 88, an unusually long stay after departing Tuesday and turning around in the Upper Bay and coming right back. According to an article in Cruisehive, Getaway’s planned cruise from Cape Canaveral to the Caribbean was cancelled due to the hurricane and she is waiting out the storm up here before heading south, having completed her summer cruising season up north now.

Coral Coast was heading to Yonkers early Wednesday, mostly likely to assist with docking the large sugar barge which arrived at the Domino plant Tuesday evening.
A pair of Moran tugs moved north in the late afternoon, most likely heading for the wallboard plant in Buchanan where the bulker delivering Spanish gypsum which arrived last Wednesday is likely getting ready to depart.
Kristin Poling remained anchored off 96th Street after returning Tuesday from delivering a cargo in New Haven
Patuxent was visible in the morning haze anchored north of the bridge
Kimberly Poling brought a light barge down from Albany
As did Quenames
Coast Guard 65’ harbor tug Line was on the River again, but this time singling Burlington as destination. We can assume Coast Guard knows how to use AIS, so this implies a transit of the Champlain Canal, which we will have to monitor in the coming days. NOTE: As of October 3, Line was back on the dock in Bayonne, so the AIS destination was incorrect.
Some teens were exploring the abandoned Boat Basin. Parks Department would likely not be happy, but did not look horribly unsafe at low tide

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