Feeling like fall

Thursday opened with temperatures in the 50s, with highs on the day only in the mid-60s. The wind has now fully rotated around to the north. Commercial traffic seemed lighter, though the gypsum carrier that had been up in Buchanan slipped back to sea before sunrise, avoiding the camera. Norwegian Getaway remains laid up at Pier 88, waiting for Ian to pass before deadheading south for the winter. Kristin Poling remains anchored off 96th Street.

The north wind running against the flood tide created chop as this Cutler-Poling tug brought a cargo north…
…and DonJon Marine brought a DSNY scow to Pier 99
First thought on seeing James William on the North River with empty hoppers heading north was that Buchanan12 had called in sick on the Clinton Point run, but B12 was an hour behind, creeping north against the Ebb tide as well, so for whatever reason there were more BMLP empties heading north Thursday than usual.
The Army Corps’ Hayward was on patrol for hazards
A dual hulled sailboat anchored about where the Boat Basin mooring field would be if there were a Boat Basin morning field this year.
Vane Brothers’ Kings Point brought an empty back after making a delivery at Sunoco Rensselaer
The towers of Weehawken were dramatically backlit by the autumn sunset

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