Port in a storm

Soaking rain and cold north winds persisted Monday for a third day in the aftermath of the hurricane and low pressure moving through to the south. Tug and tanker barge combinations have been sitting out the weather at anchor, with Pocamoke and Haggerty Girls in the North River and a number of boats sitting off Riverdale and Yonkers. Cruise ships were undeterred by the conditions, continuing to arrive and leave Sunday and Monday.

The luxury yacht Moca continues to linger at anchor as well, now going on three weeks and entering the realm of extended residency. The Moca was reportedly visited by fireboats Monday afternoon, and Citizen’s Ap ran a report of an unspecified emergency on an unspecified boat at around 4:15pm, when AIS shows the fireboat Feehan was in the area as well as Marine 1’s large Three Forty Three boat.

Pocamoke at anchor Sunday evening
A crowd anchored off Yonkers Sunday night
Source: MarineTraffic
Moca in the rain Monday, with fenders out for her launch
The Army Corps of Engineers looking for hazards swept downriver by the rain
Buchanan12 was back on its usual route Monday, brining empties back to the Tilcon quarry in Clinton Point
HMS Justice was preparing to move a bunkering barge out of the way after refueling Norwegian Joy ahead of trip down to Bermuda Monday
Norwegian Breakaway left Sunday night for Newport and Nova Scotia

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