Still soaking

Tuesday was yet another day of cold temperatures, northerly winds and soaking rains. Observed river traffic was light, with even the cruise terminal devoid of ships and dredging activity. The Pocamoke left the river with its barge and headed for new cargo, while the Haggerty Girls remained off Edgewater.

The Royal Wagenborg bulk carrier Edenborg came through loaded with wood pulp or other lumber products from Sweden, heading for Albany and, ultimately, paper mills upstate or in Pennsylvania. This is the third time this year than Edenborg has come through, along with numerous similar Royal Wagenborg freighters. Coast Guard Cutter Beluga was back on the River as well, making a relatively rare run up from its Sandy Hook base to rest at the Coast Guard mooring south of the GW Bridge.

Royal Wagenborg’s Edenborg heading upriver in the rain loaded with Swedish wood pulp
Coast Guard Cutter Beluga left its Sandy Hook base and made a run up the North River, stopping at the Coast Guard mooring ball south of the Bridge.
Kirby’s Mount St. Elias made an appearance on the River after delivering cargo in New Haven, briefly anchoring before heading back down to the Buckeye Port Reading terminal for a new cargo.
CMT’s Helen was making another run down from Coeymans with a hopper loaded with very large rocks. We have seen her on this run before.
Buchanan12 with its usual raft of hoppers hugged the Jersey side of the river to allow Edenborg to overtake on one whistle and Helen to pass on two.
This unusual looking boat named Aby was on the river with a diner table on the back deck and a Canadian flag. Not seen before and no information on her purpose was available, with no AIS signal being transmitted.

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