Autumnal weekend

Perfect autumn weather prevailed for the weekend, with temperatures mainly in the 50s and winds blowing from the south. Commercial traffic on the River was steady and fairly typical, with a few exceptions.

DonJon Marine’s J. Arnold Witte is designed to operate on the NY State canal system as well as in tidewater environments. Tug came through Sunday on its way back from Oswego and Lake Ontario, having been photographed just the day before by a canal watcher passing through Kingston. In the photo, J. Arnold is overtaking the Kimberly Poling.
CMT’s Helen was pushing hoppers north loaded with bauxite lightered off a bulker in the Upper Bay on Sunday
CMT’s Daisy Mae was bringing empty hoppers down on Friday, perhaps the same ones that headed upriver on Sunday
Friday saw Moran Towing’s Barney Turecamo park in the North River with a loaded looking barge for a few hours before heading back down to the bay
Reinauer ATBs were busy over the weekend as usual, bringing cargos north and light barges south
American Petroleum’s Stephen B has been making runs up to Rensselaer and back.
A load of scrap came south on Sunday
Vane Brothers’ Fort Schuyler was also bringing cargo north
As was this Poling-Cutler tug
Buchanan12 was on its usual crushed dolomite run
John Joseph was running light on Sunday
The privately owned lifeboat Legs III was heading back to its home off Yonkers on Friday afternoon
Centerline tugs brought a bunkering barge to refuel an Norwegian cruise liner on Saturday.
DonJon brought a DSNY recycling barge out of Pier 99, heading for Staten Island
This large Sikorsky chopper is apparently owned by billionaire Ira Rennert. It made a some loops up the river before landing at 30th Street.
A large sailboat enjoyed a southerly breeze Sunday

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