Lovely October

Splendid weather has persisted as we move deeper into October and leave the hurricanes that dominated the beginning of the month behind. Leaves are reportedly turning up north, but things still look pretty green down here. Limited time for observation, shorter days, and seemingly lighter commercial traffic means blog posts have become shorter and less frequent.

Disney Magic was back in town Monday, seen here heading back out for a run up to Nova Scotia with help from Moran Towing
Silver Whisper arrived from Quebec City via Nova Scotia, Bar Harbor and Newport RI.
Vendors waited at a security checkpoint before servicing the ship
Vane Brothers Fells Point provided bunkering service
Vane Brothers Fort Schuyler returned Monday from a delivery of probably heating oil to a depot in Poughkeepsie
Another Vane Brothers boat, the Charleston, brought a cargo north on Tuesday
Miss Madeline, a Haugland Group tug not seen before, pushed hoppers north, probably heading for the company’s Tomkins Cove facility

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